by Kate Saunders

August 2004
ISBN: 0-312-31044-7
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Trade Paperback

When their father, Rufus, takes his own life, the four Hasty sisters are faced not only with his loss but also with the knowledge that their family home, Melismate, is on its way to the auction block. Rufus, more often known as The Zed had never been very good at money management. Most of his life had been spent experiencing love and its accompanying pleasures outside of his marriage.

His passion for falling deeply and blindly into love without a thought for tomorrow had not been lost on his three eldest daughters. Rufa had lost her heart to a married man and believed she would never find it again. Lydia loved a man who seemed to love everyone but her, and vibrant Nancy appeared to find love as easily as most people woke up each morning.

When Rufa, ever the practical one, decides that they have all been wasting their time on love and should set their hearts on something much more practical, the marrying game begins as the girls set out to find wealthy husbands to save Melismate and to keep the family in a comfortable lifestyle. Ultimately, the victory will only go to those who realize thereís actually nothing more priceless than love.

Kate Saundersí novel, The Marrying Game, is witty, exciting, and, refreshingly, totally unpredictable. Although the idea of sisters marrying for money to save the family estate is not a unique tale, Saunders tells it so well and with such depth that it reads brand new.

Arresting, fanciful, unusual, just three words which barely begin to describe the captivating Hasty women. Still, it is another word which will remain in the readerís mind after reading this clever drama, and that word is unforgettable. Every character in the novel, including the dead Zed, lives and breathes with a contagious passion that leaps from the pages and holds the reader captive.

Everyone deserves a wonderful play date. Treat yourself to a deliciously, entertaining good time with The Marrying Game.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Natasha.

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