by Ally Blake

January 2005
ISBN: 0-373-03830-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Kelly Rockford has finally landed her dream job. She has been promoted from writing obituaries to writing a weekly column entitled Single and Loving It and it is a hit, judging from all the reader responses crossing Kelly’s desk.

But one letter was different than the rest—and to Kelly’s horror, it’s from the one person she never dreamed she’d hear from—her estranged husband, Simon. Kelly hasn’t seen Simon for over five years, and she’s shocked at how much he’s changed in that short time. In spite of her instant attraction to her husband, Kelly knows she must serve him with divorce papers because she’ll lose her job if anyone discovers she’s married—and besides, Simon has a history of loving and leaving. Will Kelly be able to keep her secret—or will her marriage get a badly needed make-over?

Marriage Make-Over is set in Australia, and at first, some of the different spellings caused me to pause. I really couldn’t relate to Kelly all that well, her character seems a bit bitter and aggressive—and for someone who has completely sworn off men, she certainly didn’t react that way around her husband as the relationship quickly becomes hot.

None of the scenes are written in Simon’s point of view, so what the reader learns about him is all biased by what Kelly feels or thinks. This book would have made a good chick-lit, I think, or the romance would have been better if it would have included the male point of view.

I really can’t recommend Marriage Make-Over. I was disappointed in the story line and in the flat characters. This book urgently needs a make-over to come alive.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Laura.

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