by Cheyenne McCray, Anya Bast, Diana Hunter, Mary Wine, Delilah Devlin and Sherri L. King

September 2004
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This anthology begins with Wolf’s Law by Cheyenne McCray. Sexy werewolf Law rescues Analeen from slavers who plan to rape and then sell her. Analeen, who is terrified of wolves because she believes one killed her mother, runs into the woods after being rescued. In human form, Law finds her and takes her to his lair where she can heal from her wounds. One of the gifts of being a werewolf is that he is able to read minds. When he realizes that Analeen considers herself ugly, he is angry and tells her he will not grant her freedom until she truly believes that she is beautiful. He shows her passion and desire, and brings her body to life. But will her love for him last when his secret is finally revealed? This story is enough to make you wish werewolves were not creatures of fiction.

Scarlet Sweet by Anya Bast is loosely related to Blood of the Rose. In a desperate attempt to save her people, Cerian plans to become Vampir. Cerian, as well as most all the females of her race, are starved for sex since most of their men have been killed in the wars. She plans on resisting her attraction to Rhys because she doesn’t want to become attached to him and suffer more hurt when he leaves. Rhys leads Cerian through the ritual of being Embraced, and she’s overwhelmed with pleasure. As he had warned, the ritual turns sexual and as Vampir her body is much more sensitive to his touch. This story ended much too soon and I personally would have preferred less time being spent on the history of their races. However, the author more than made up for it with sensual sex scenes.

Diane Hunter delivers Writers Unblocked. Jessica and Jack have been married for two years and both of them are unsatisfied with their sex life. Jack writes erotic romances with a BDSM flavor and Jessica writes romances in which the heroines are strong and independent. Recently, Jessica has been fantasizing about the type of stories her husband writes and she even pens a short one herself. Jack comes across the story and wonders if his wife is trying to tell him something. He’s resigned himself to the fact that his dominant desires are a thing of the past in fear they would disgust his wife. The scene that follows is sexy, spicy, and a special treat for those who enjoy submissive scenarios. This story would make a wonderful full-length novel. I wish we’d been able to see these two explore more of their fantasies together.

Next up is Looking Forward by Mary Wine. With the planet Earth overcrowded, homesteaders journey to a new planet. Leah is among the first group to settle the new lands. She finds herself widowed along the way. When the travelers arrive at their destiny it’s time to pay the Tailarmarian warriors, who own the land, the fee upon which they’d agreed. When it becomes apparent that they have nothing with which to pay, Aaron, the leader, indicates that he’ll take Leah and consider the debt paid in full. Leah soon realizes that their customs are much different from those of her fellow church members. Sexuality is something to be proud of, not something you hide under ugly clothes. She is given the freedom to choose her own mate. Aaron does everything he can to please her so that she’ll want no other but him. This story is a delightful blend of smiles and sighs as the heroine discovers a whole new world.

In Raptor’s Prey, part of the Desire series by Delilah Devlin, Captain Andromeda O’Keefe’s duty is to deliver Khalim Padja to prison. They spend most of the journey in a sleep state. This gives Khalim the chance to use his dream-share gift to try and persuade Andromeda he is innocent. Convinced that it’s not real, that these are just her dreams, she succumbs to his passion. When she awakens she’s just as determined to resist Khalim in the flesh as he is to show her real pleasure. Dare she believe that he really wants her and is not just using her to help him escape? Whether real or imagined these scenes were hot.

Sherri L. King wraps up this anthology with Voyeurs: Over-exposed. There is a secret race of people called Shikars who watch over humans and protect them from the Daemons who feed off them. Photographer Alek caught on film a fight between the two races. Agate is sent to retrieve the film and erase his memory of the event. He knows that there is something different about her, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting her. This story is the most sensuous of the anthology and I loved the dialogue between the two while they were in bed. Fortunately, this story is the first in the Voyeurs series and is also linked to the Horde Wars series.

Ellora’s Cavemen Tales From the Temple III has a little bit of everything – contemporary, futuristic, werewolves and vampires – and is sure to delight readers. I was surprised that almost every man in this anthology, whether furry, fangy, or human, went about their seductions with a gentleness that made the scenes that much more memorable. This has been my favorite anthology in this series so far and I certainly hope it won’t be the last.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Jackie.