by Judith Gould

October 2004
ISBN: 0-451-21274-6
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library

Allegra Sheridan is nearly bankrupt. While her jewelry designs have received critical praise and attracted a lot of interest, her decision to avoid mass-market reproductions has kept her financially unstable. Without a showcase for her work, the fabulous creations have no market. She is facing an uncertain future when, out of the blue, wealthy entrepreneur Hilton Whitehead asks for her help. He wants to purchase a legendary ring that will be auctioned in Paris. He wants Allegra to be his proxy at the auction, so that his purchase is not public knowledge.

Allegra sees this as the opportunity of a lifetime. She will be able to indulge in her passion for gemstones without personal expense. She will verify the quality of the ring for Whitehead, and be able to participate in an exciting auction. It will also give her some space. Her sporadic relationship with Todd Hall is frustrating. He insists that he has learned from his mistakes and that he wants to pursue a serious relationship, but Allegra is afraid to trust him. He has hurt her in the past.

Author Judith Gould takes readers on a roller coaster ride from high fashion to high intrigue in The Parisian Affair. From the moment Allegra agrees to serve as the auction proxy, events in her life spin dangerously out of control. Readers will be hard-pressed to discover who is pulling the strings in this fast-paced romantic suspense.

Set against a transcontinental backdrop of glittering society, this novel offers more than a few twists and turns as Allegra must evade danger. I found the book to be completely engaging and well-written. The background information was not too detailed, but sufficient for readers to know just enough to appreciate the story. Ms. Gould’s writing style is reminiscent of Judith Krantz, and considerable attention was paid to character development. Even minor roles were fleshed out with a deft touch. For readers who like their escapes to have a hint of danger, The Parisian Affair is sure to please.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Paula.

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