by Brenda Jackson

November 2004
ISBN: 0-312-33178-9
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Trade Paperback

Abandoned by his mother at a young age and a survivor of two failed marriages, Dr. Lance Montgomery is not going through the motions of love again. It’s okay to meet women and have a good time, but love is never an option. Lance has become the ultimate grand-master player and is known for changing women as fast as changing socks. His book, The Playa’s Handbook describes his philosophy on relationships; one of his top ten rules is that a woman can’t use you if you use her first. Another of his rules, no woman can make him commit to anything, no matter how hot the sex is.

Dr. Asia Fowler has her own story to tell, and she does so in her book, Sistahs Beware. Having been hurt in the past by her ex-husband, she has shielded her heart and made it a personal crusade to keep all women safe from men like Dr. Lance Montgomery.

When Lance hears Asia’s voice on the radio, he is instantly attracted to her and decides that he would be doing her a favor by allowing her to have sex with him. Asia is far from interested in Lance,but when Lance schemes with his publicist to organize book promotion events for him and Asia together, Asia has no choice but to spend a great deal of time with him.

Opposites attract, and Lance and Asia can’t fight science. She can’t resist her attraction for the master 'playa', and he can’t deny himself the thrill of the chase. Sparks fly as Lance decides if he wants to continue to live life by his handbook or if he wants to follow his heart.

The Playa’s Handbook by Brenda Jackson is an excellent read that I highly recommend. Through the creative use of telling a story within a story the author brings out the point that sometimes being a player is not all that it is played out to be.

Jackson has mastered the craft of creative writing. The Playa’s Handbook enthralls from page one and continues to mesmerize the reader throughout the drama with a wonderful mixture of rolling on the floor humor, witty, insightful dialogue, and a remarkable group of intriguing characters.

In addition to Asia and Lance, readers are introduced to Sam, Marcus, and Phillip, three fascinating men who all admit to buying Lance’s book, and each for his own reasons. Their lives are skillfully, often humorously (i.e., sexual positions based on horoscope), revealed. What a treat for readers! Several great stories in one book.

If you’re going to read this book, a starting suggestion would be some glue remover. The Playa’s Handbook was stuck to my hands all weekend.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Natasha.

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