by Ravyn Blackwood

September 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-291-X
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Julie is a game developer for SciVirtua and she is about to put the finishing touches on her very own creation, Operation SpaceQuest. Julie believes her game will blow her boss Dorian away with its success. She has been trying for three years to get the man to notice her and she believes once she shows him her groundbreaking new game she will get her wish. Julie takes the game home to give it a trial run before her big presentation to the boss.

Dorian has noticed Julie all right as he has the hots for her almost since he hired her. Dorian has heard through the grape vine that Julie’s game Operation SpaceQuest is near completion so he takes a copy home for a test run to see just what she has come up with.

As both Julie and Dorian are preparing to play the game the unthinkable happens and they are pulled into the game for real. Now they must use all their skills to stay alive and survive Operation SpaceQuest.

The idea for this story had lots of promise, unfortunately however for me the reality fell a little flat. The characters weren’t written so I really cared about either of them and the story overall seemed very disjointed. The sex scenes although very well written seemed forced like the author thought, “oh we need some sex here”. The couple is left in the game and the door has been left open for further episodes in what is supposed to be a series but as a reader I am not sure I found enough pleasure in this story to want to make a return visit to Operation SpaceQuest.

I have highly enjoyed this author’s work written under the name Marianne LaCroix. I can’t however say the same for this first story I have read by her written under the name Ravyn Blackwood. Overall Operation Spacequest left me very disappointed and looking for more.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Barbara.

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