by Jo Beverley

April 1998
ISBN: 0-451-040801-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Topaz Books
Mass Market Paperback

On a dark stormy night, Renald de Lisle took over Summerbourneís life. Claire was Lord Clarence's only daughter and she had to marry the new lord, Renald, in order to protect her family and remain in her home. It was the Kingís order that one of the maidens must marry the new lord. Claire tried to put off the wedding and trick one of her aunts into marrying Renald. She wrote them a letter to sell Renald off to be one of their husbands. But her plan didnít work out and ended up marrying Renald herself. After Claire became Renald's bride, they found passion together and soon she discovered Renaldís big secret. He was the King's champion who had killed her father in the court fight. It was hard for Claire to accept and forgive Renald.

Renald is a warrior and a loyal servant to the king. Claire is an intellectual and brave lady. Renald tries to hide the truth of Lord Clarence's death because he is afraid Claire will hate him forever. When Claire finds out the circumstances of her fatherís death, she listens to Renaldís explanation and comes to term at last.

Lord of Midnight is a sequel to Ms. Beverley's earlier novel, Dark Champion, which is the story of Imogen and FitzRoger. These two appear as secondary characters in Lord of Midnight and play the role in bringing Claire and Renald to face their love and overcome their problems. There are a lot of tenderness, humorous and desire screens between Renald and Claire throughout the book. This book is a good read but it still feels wrong to marry your father's killer.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Rose.

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