by Emma Holly

November 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19918-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

In Emma Hollyís newest paranormal The Demonís Daughter, we are taken to a world that seems oddly reminiscent of England during the reign of Queen Victoria. In this world, demons have been discovered and they live among the humans, but arenít accepted.

Inspector Adrian Philips has allowed his humanness to be compromised. To do his job, he has his strength enhanced by demon technology. It causes his friends and family to push him away. Outwardly, he seems to have accepted his loneliness, but inside his heart, he longs for the touch of a woman. He gives up believing that any woman would be able to accept his differences. Now he spends his free time searching Harborside for missing children.

Itís on one such search that Adrian collapses in the garden of Roxanne McAllister. Roxanne is an artist who is living on the outside of society. The bastard daughter of one of the most famous singers in the world, she knows what itís like to be lonely. Sheís surrounded herself with friends and two young boys sheís adopted. Yet she longs to feel a manís arms wrapped around her and to matter to someone besides the boys.

As the attraction between Adrian and Roxanne heats up, they discover things about themselves and each other. Adrian realizes that he might end up having to choose between the woman he is falling in love with and the job that has been his life for so long. Roxanne makes a startling discovery about her parentage. This discovery begins to cause her life to unravel. She deals with the problems while trying not to cause Adrian any pain about the decisions he must make. Slowly, they begin to figure out they are stronger together than they ever were apart.

Another steamy read from Ms. Holly. Readers should know that while this story isnít the same oven-mitt sizzling hot sex theyíve come to expect from her, it will still cause them to search out the ice cubes and fans. Adrian Philips is a great hero who finds himself struggling with his heart and mind. In the end, he chooses to believe love is the strongest of all emotions and is the only thing worth fighting for. Roxanne is a strong female lead. She knows what she wants and for the most part isnít afraid to go after it. Sheís independent enough to know when she needs help and wise enough to accept it. The secondary characters are great. Her two boys are charming and cynical as street kids often are. Ms. Holly does a good job describing the struggle of any parent getting to know their children.

The Demonís Daughter is a wonderful story of two people fighting the demons that haunt them with love and acceptance.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Jenni.

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