by Dawn Atkins

October 2004
ISBN: 0-373-79159-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #155
Mass Market Paperback

From the real-life heartthrob on the cover to the smokin’ hot romance inside, Very Truly Sexy is all that readers expect in a Blaze, and more. The cover model, winner of a reader-nominated contest, is the husband of a very lucky reader. The prize was not only national recognition, but a romantic weekend in the Big Apple. Congratulations for winning the prize and for having such a sexy man!

Writer Beth Samuels has a bill-paying career as a technical writer. Did you ever wonder who does the 'how-to' instructions inside everything? Well someone is writing those directions. As you can imagine, this gets a little tedious, so Beth also has an alter-ego - E. M. “Em” Samuels - lifestyle writer for Phoenix Rising magazine. The new owners have a more provocative image and Beth wants to add some romance to her nightlife reviews. There is just one little problem. She hasn’t dated in ages and her experience in the interlude department is purely fictional with a little vicarious living through her friend Sara’s exploits. Her column will be confetti if she can’t show the new VP that she can change with the new vision of the magazine.

Beth decides to go out on the town with flirtation in mind. She gets more than she expected when she meets the sinfully sexy AJ. He has flirtation down to an art form and Beth is eager to continue her research on a more personal level. At this point the pages started to smoke and I had to get some ice water. Author Dawn Atkins knows just how to set the mood between these two unlikely lovers.

Very Truly Sexy is not all about the passion, although there is plenty to go around. There are other important issues and they addressed with a memorable storyline. Beth needs more spontaneity in her life, and AJ needs to decide if he wants a job or a career that he loves. Even the more typical elements of the plot are treated with interesting angles that make this book a pleasure to read and recommend.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Paula.

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