by Kathleen Baldwin

September 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7715-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Imagine the horror a young debutante would feel if bad things were always happening around her. Spilled soup, stumbling dance partners and even serious injury seem to follow Lady Fiona Hawthorn wherever she goes. Society has dubbed her Lady Fiasco. After a disastrous Season, Fiona returns to the family’s country estate where she hopes to remain. Unfortunately, her infamy has reached the ears of the staff and even the local villagers believe that she is cursed.

When she encounters an old childhood friend, Lord Westmont, Fiona finds that he doesn’t believe any of the stories. He is not the same carefree young man she worshipped from afar. The battlefield has changed him into a brooding, moody nobleman who wants nothing to do with debutantes and matchmaking mamas.

This sounds like an excellent beginning to a delightful little romance, doesn’t it? Well, don’t get your hopes up.

Fiona Hawthorn believes the rumors and has very little backbone. She allows herself to be the object of ridicule even when there is a logical explanation for something. Her meekness became very irritating. Even her Aunt Honore’s mentoring did not bring out her true character. And I took particular dislike to Tyrell, Lord Westmont. He is so disgusted with his attraction to Fiona that he keeps trying to find like-minded friends to help him drink away his inheritance! He does not come up to heroic stature until late in the book, and by then I simply did not care.

With a promising plotline, it is a shame that one of the main characters is unlikeable, and the heroine is rather spineless. Lady Fiasco is a disappointing disaster.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Paula.

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