by C.H. Scott

September 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-148-9
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Dr. Jordan Reed, a psychiatrist, couldnít believe she had placed an ad in the paper for someone to portray her boyfriend for when her step-mother and ex-boyfriend come to see her. Well, she did and she wasnít having any luck whatsoever with the ad. Erica, her friend and secretary, took her to a bar nearby to have lunch. Well, she meets a man that she likes and well, hopes to see again.

Rocky is the man that Jordan met at the bar. It seems Rocky has alterative motives for wanting to met Dr. Reed. His sister was a patient of Dr. Reedís and his sister died, and Rocky blames Dr. Reed. It seems that Rocky wants to be better acquainted with Dr. Reed so what does he do, he becomes her patient Brock.

Brock comes to her office not looking anything like Rocky, who Jordan has met before. Can he follow through with his plan after getting to know the good doctor?

The attraction between Rocky and Jordan is there from the start. Jordan has a hard time remembering that Brock is a patient with her feeling towards him. Can Jordan see Brock as more than her patient?

Woman Seeking Man was a story that will hold your attention but will leave you with a few questions of your own. One being, why didnít Jordan recognize that Brock and Rocky was the same person? The story had a mystery besides the one with Brock. Will they be able to figure out the person behind it before it is too late? We canít forget about the upcoming meeting between the three of them and if her boyfriend, if she can find one in time. Even though I was left with a few questions, I will pick up another story by C. H. Scott to give it a try.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Pam.

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