by Fran Shaff

December 2004
ISBN: 0-80349-658-0
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Marisa Orlando has given up a lot. She has lost her home and her car. Every extra penny goes to help compensate for her mother's neverending medical expenses. One setback after another have caused Marisa to take a second job on the weekends. But she has found a family within the apartment building she lives. She loves this community and the way they all take care of each other.

Lee Ramon is the developer that has bought the apartment building. He is the person who will work with the contractors to renovate the building. Lee also has to let people know they will have to leave if they cannot meet the cost to buy their home. Lee goes out on the limb for the people in this community and he could lose it all.

Lee and Marisa become stuck in the outdated elevator, and have a very nice conversation. Marisa has no idea that Lee is the developer, but when she finds out she immediately feels he cannot be trusted. Every time Lee takes two steps forward and Marisa starts to have some faith in him, something happens. She does not give him the chance to explain or even figure things out. She assumes the worst of Lee.

Will they work out their troubles? Do those glances and blushes turn into something even greater? Will Marisa be Ever So Humble and give Lee the chance he needs or learn to trust him?

I enjoyed this Fran Shaff novel and would be more than willing to loan it out. I also like the fact that a young teenager could read this book as well.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Theresa.

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