by Brenda Joyce

June 1991
ISBN: 0-440-20610-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

"She would risk her innocent soul for a devil's kiss!"

Dark Fires is the fourth story in Ms. Joyce's Bragg Saga. It's the story of Nicholas Bragg, Earl of Dragmore, the eldest son of Derek and Miranda Bragg whose story, Innocent Fire, published in June 1988, started off the Bragg Saga.

Nicholas Bragg was known as “The Lord of Darkness” because it was rumored he murdered his wife, Patricia Bragg, in a fire. Jane Barclay was the niece of Nick's late wife. She was seventeen, beautiful and innocent. She's also Nick's ward. Nick was well aware of his duty and the crush Jane had on him, so he decided to marry her off as soon as possible.

But plans have a way of changing and after loosing her innocence to Nick; Jane flees his proposal of marriage. It's two years before they meet again. Jane had made a name for herself as an actress in London while raising the daughter Nick never knew he had.

But secrets that big were hard to keep and unfortunately, Nick found out and wanted to reclaim his daughter. To Jane's surprise, he asked her to marry him yet again. Everything seemed to be turning out right until Nick's dead wife, Patricia, reappeared.

The hero, Nick was a half-breed, hard, dangerous, powerful and notorious. He had a happy childhood until he found out he was the product of his mother's abduction. It was like a thorn in his heart that his parents never told him about the circumstances of his birth. Upon inheriting the earldom from his mother's side, he left for England intending not to return to Texas. Readers will cry for Nick as they read about his life and the many trials he has suffered. He's a bitter man and after the betrayal of his wife, Patricia, he was both heartbroken and afraid to love again.

Fortunately, the heroine, Jane was the solution to all his emotional burdens. She was angelic, beautiful and warm-hearted. During her stay with Nick, she brought laughter and sunshine to his household. Nick started to change and was drawn to this little angel.

Jane was a loveable character in this story. She was friendly, organized and a good mother. She turned Dragmore into a home for both Nick and his son, Chad (the child of Patricia and Nick). She also helped Nick to face his birth and clear the misunderstanding between himself and his parents.

Dark Fires is well written, passionate, sensual and dramatic. Reading this book was more or less like watching a drama. Each character seemed to dance out in front of you. The emotions were strong between the lines and some of the love screens would leave you aching.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Rose.

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