by Erin McCarthy

January 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-0843-x
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Cleveland detective Russ Evansí latest case has him investigating a con artist, Trevor Dean who targets well off women. Deanís MO is to meet the women on line, gain their trust and soon he makes his way into their lives and of course their bank accounts. Before they know they have been had Dean makes off with all the valuables he can pilfer plus a good deal of their pride and self esteem on his way to the next mark.

Russ and his partner have caught a break in the case when they discover that Deanís next mark is Laurel Wilkins and they are to meet at the local Starbucks at 7:00 this evening. When it appears that Dean is going to be a no show Russ makes his way into the coffee shop for a closer look and is stunned when Laurel is under the impression that she is meeting him It seems that Trevor has stolen Russí identity to cozy up to his latest victim.

Circumstances soon lead Laurel and Russ into working together to try and catch this criminal. Laurel has a personal stake in the plan to as she just wants to live a little and have some fun and what better candidate to have a little fling with than one of Clevelandís finest.

The key to Erin McCarthyís remarkable story telling ability is the fascinating characters she creates and Russ Evans and Laurel Wilkins are two of her best. Ms. McCarthy has given her heroine the disability of being deaf. She writes the character so well that the reader gets a feel for what life might be like for a deaf person. She has done her research well on this subject and does a splendid job with the characters.

As always there is plenty of spark and sizzle in Mouth to Mouth as the love scenes are quite memorable. I especially liked the car scene and the authorís use of Pixy Stix is quite memorable as well.

Adding interesting secondary characters including a fat cat named Ferris and a secondary romance that is almost as entertaining as the main one and Ms. McCarthy has defiantly penned another winner. She keeps her reader entertained until the climactic last page of this remarkable book.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Barbara.

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