by Elisa Adams

September 2004
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Dirty Pictures introduces us to a woman named Lily who sometimes, well maybe often times makes quick decisions without thinking them through. Take the current situation that has her family in hysterics and most of the town talking about her. The situation being that Lily decided to pose in the buff for a very popular men’s magazine. Even with all the trouble the pictures have stirred up, Lily refuses to admit she did anything wrong. There is another part of her that is even proud of the pictures and of course proud of the events that take place after they come out.

Those events would involve one Evan Acardi also known to Lily’s mind as Mr. Fine Ass. In the past Lily has spent what seems like hours gazing upon him and his magnificent body from the window of her house. When her local newspaper decides to print a column about their good girl gone bad, she notices that Evan is paying closer attention to her these days. The man even has the gall to ask her if she does autographs!

What follows is an interesting arrangement where Lily and Evan both agree that they are so not looking for any type of relationship in their lives but they certainly aren’t interested in giving up sex either. It seems that maybe they can give each other just what they are craving and not have any of the hassles that come with being a couple.

Lily and Evan will proceed to burn up the pages of this book as they engage in some wildly erotic and incredibly hot scenes that left this reader finding the nearest thing to fan myself with. However before they know it, they are both starting to be concerned that what started off as strictly entertaining is turning into something entirely different.

I found the whole idea of this story to be very charming. Being a small town type girl myself, I can only imagine the gossip that would be stirred up if one of the towns own did something that was considered risqué. I also enjoyed how the relationship that followed ended up being so much more than just sex.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Shelby.

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