by Linda Winstead Jones

December 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19940-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Due to a jealous sorcerer’s curse, the Fyne women have not known lasting love for over three hundred years. When they do find their true love, the men do not live past thirty. So the Fyne women, powerful witches of varying powers, keep to themselves on the hill that their family has owned for generations. They have very little contact with the outside world, and a judiciously placed spell keeps men from venturing onto their lands.

Sophie, youngest of the surviving three Fyne women has not come into her power yet. That is until she dreams of a green-eyed man. She knows the wounded soldier that she found by the lake she frequents is the man in her dreams. They share a very special moment, but mindful of the curse upon her family Sophie leaves as he sleeps. Her parting gift to him is an incantation of luck.

Kane returns from a year of good fortune and happiness to find out if the angel that he dream of is real. She is very much real, and she’s nursing his child. Sophie’s sisters discover the child’s father is in town and remove Sophie’s charm of good fortune from Kane. Once again, he becomes the disillusioned soldier that he once was; the only telling difference is now he has blood kin again. His daughter Ariana is his only blood tie now. He will not ride blithely away from her.

As with every paradise, there is a snake. This snake wants Sophie, she (and her powers) will be his ticket into the Emperor’s good graces, as well as limitless wealth. Sophie enlists Kane’s help to retrieve their kidnapped daughter. So begins a magical journey.

The Sun Witch is a magical tale set in days of lore and magic. Linda Winstead Jones has created a wonderful alternate world where magic and war are prevalent but love reigns supreme. Kane is wounded inside and out before he is touched by Sophie’s curing magic. When he returns and finds the previous year has been a lie, his sense of betrayal is fierce. Sophie wants nothing more than to have someone to love, which she receives in Ariana; but it isn’t enough. Despite the curse, she yearns for Kane. This book will wring every drop of emotion from you, it runs the spectrum from love to hate and back again. Although the plot is slow to pick up, you will not regret reading on when you would normally have walked away. The Sun Witchis an excellent read for those of us who like our love spiced with magic.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Jodi.

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