by Catherine Snodgrass

September 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-282-0
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Beth Manning is a homicide detective who has a need for revenge. A low life criminal named Randy Clavins killed her fiancé and Beth has dedicated her life to bringing Calvins to justice. Her partner Russ Salk has loved Beth from afar for years and truly understands her desire to bring her fiancé’s killer to justice. However, he makes it his life’s mission to try and protect Beth from the crazy things she will do to find her peace.

After a child is brutally killed and Calvins’ implicated Beth agrees to go undercover as a prostitute to bring Calvins down. However, Beth did not count on how sadistic and controlling Calvins is and soon realizes that her only chance for survival is to play along and wait for Russ to save her. Together, Russ and Beth must uncover a mystery that will not only affect their professional lives but also their personal lives and the lives of those they love.

Catherine Snodgrass’s novel The Chance You Take gives the reader a look into the world of forced prostitution and how innocent young girls can become trapped in a life that they can’t escape. The authors’ use of vivid imagery can at times be disturbing but the overall affect of the novel is one that is powerful and moving. The characters of Russ and Beth draw the reader in and provide a vehicle for broadening the readers understanding of such and sensitive issue.

Well, enough of the dry stuff on to the LOVE. This is a wonderful love story; to tell you the truth I wouldn’t mind having a Russ around myself. He is the kind of man who melts the heart and always says the right thing. Beth is the women we all wish we could be, tough, understanding, determined, and above all - never gives up. The sparks fly between the two of them from page one and continue until the very satisfying ending. If you like a novel that is full of intrigue, passion, and lots of romance that this book is a keeper. Enjoy!

Reviewed in January 2005 by Jen.

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