by Jewelann Butler

May 2002
ISBN: 1-58749-125-7
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Tangled Passions is the first ebook I have read and the first book by Jewelann Butler I have read. I highly enjoyed the story; it has one of my favorite heroes, a Scotsman.

A Scotsman has many factors that make him one of my favorite heroes. They have a fierce loyalty and pride to their family, country and heritage. Ms. Butler brings all of those qualities to Teague MacKenzie MacLeod. And let us not forget the women. They have the same fierce loyalty to their family, their heritage and country as the men do. Sometimes the woman can be more so than a man. Jamie MacLeod, the Duchess of Whitesea, is married to Teague who decides to defend Scotland at the battle of Culloden. The only problem with that is he does not return from the battle and everyone except Jamie believes he is dead.

Jamie attends a ball with Teague’s cousin, Connor Lawson. While at the ball they meet someone that looks and sounds like Teague. Only this mans name is Tyrone Kendricks St.Cloud and he is a newlywed of 2 weeks. Jamie and Connor are introduced to Ty and his new wife Isabella. Ty and Isabelle are invited to Jamie’s estate on the pretense of Ty buying Teague’s horse. While Jamie is showing Ty around her other estate, Connor, Isabelle, Jamie’s mother, and another guest go on a shopping spree. Which leaves Ty with Jamie and her twin daughters, Honor and Hope. Jamie had hired a painter to come and paint a portrait of her and her daughters; so while the twins keep the painter occupied, Jamie has a chance to subtly question Ty, who she believes is really Teague, her presumed dead husband.

Jamie tries numerous attempts to help Ty remember her and his twin daughters. But nothing seems to work, not even her flirting and her charm. The antics Jamie plays with Ty are both hilarious and dangerous. But it is wonderful to see Ty react the way he does to her and the twins. He knows in his heart that he belongs with them, but he does not remember them. Ty/Teague is attracted to Jamie - he has a strong reaction to her and the feelings that Jamie inspires in him are improper and morally unacceptable. Ty’s feelings toward Jamie are what a very caring, loving, and lustful husband would have towards his wife. It takes a tragic event to jar Teague’s memory and, at the same time, leaves Jamie with a heartache and sorrow that is profoundly intense.

Tangled Passions deals with a very strong love between the hero and heroine, lost love between them, a rekindling of love and romance, a lost memory, a kidnapping and more. Ms. Butler was able to weave a tale of a Scots pride and duty to their country, heritage, family and what is right and wrong. The story ended with me wanting to know more about Connor; he was a great character with his own story to be told. I think actually that Isabelle and Connor both should have their own story and I hope that Jewelann Butler writes a story for them.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Pam.

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