by Amanda Quick

February 2005
ISBN: 0-425-20640-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Amanda Quick brings us another wonderful story of mystery and romance. This time she brings together Miss Caroline Fordyce and Mr. Adam Hardesty, both of whom have secrets that could ruin them or even see them dead.

For three years, Caroline has made another life for herself. She has set up herself and her two aunts in a house in London, maybe not the richest part of town, but modest enough. She has also started a grand career as a sensation novelist, with a reader base of thousands. Her books are read in every fashionable house in London. Yes, Caroline is happy with the life that she now has, but she knows that it could all come tumbling down if her darkest secret is ever revealed. That realization comes to light when Mr. Adam Hardesty comes barging into her life and accuses her of murdering a medium with whom Caroline had just attended a séance. Adam Hardesty seems to be more than he appears, but one thing she can see in him, the perfect muse for her villain that is now starring in her latest sensation novel. Hmmm…interesting.

Adam Hardesty is an investigator, of sorts, but when the person who is trying to blackmail him is murdered, before he can take back the one thing that is being held over his head, it becomes personal. Who could have killed the medium and why? And, what did she do with the private diary that she was threatening him with? He must find that diary and find it fast or his whole world and those he loves dearly will suffer for it. After finding Caroline’s name on the list of séance participants, he confronts her at her home never expecting to find a great beauty full of intelligence and courage. But what startles him most of all is his reaction to this woman. Adam has strict rules where women are concerned and women such as Caroline Fordyce are strictly off his list!

When Adam is convinced that Caroline had nothing to do with the murder, he restarts his investigation. But Caroline, being the stubborn woman that she is, won’t let him forget that he has accused her of murder and intends on helping him solve this crime, if it’s the last thing she does. Plus, being around him is pure inspiration for the character that she is writing; she can’t possibly let this opportunity pass her by. They are led into a world of psychic phenomena and dark spirits.

Amanda Quick is the queen of romance. All of her books are keepers and Wait Until Midnight is no exception. Ms. Quick creates characters that are full of life and so believable that they draw the reader into the story and make them feel as if they are part of the plot. The sense of intrigue and mystery are a wonderful combination that brings a story to life. Caroline and Adam may have their own secrets from the past, but when push comes to shove, they come together as a team and eventually as lovers, to solve a crime that even the Bow Street Runners cannot solve. Sometimes when you read a story you can pick out who the culprit is, but with the way that Ms. Quick writes her stories, it’s very hard to figure out ‘who-done-it’ until she wants you to know. She's a fantastic storyteller, one that will keep you riveted to her books, whichever Amanda Quick book that you read.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Debbie.

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