by Sherry A. Mauro

October 2004
ISBN: 1-4137-3778-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Publish America
Trade Paperback

Sabrina Ayers was out of the Tate Mansion, but she was not free. She could feel it whispering to her, compelling her back to the ghostly abode. Sabrina resisted its pull. She had always been controlled by her emotions. It was time for her to stop allowing feelings to rule her decisions. However, her earlier promise to always accomplish her dreams and defeat all obstacles failed to boost her confidence. The threat of Tate Mansion continued its eerie hold. Sabrina knew she would have to return; she only hoped that when she did so it would be her in control.

Although there were still plenty of issues to work out, Sabrina returned to her childhood home. She had to face her parents. Upon her arrival, Sabrina’s father refused to permit her to see her mother. He told Sabrina that her mother’s mental state was too fragile to face the truths Sabrina demanded. As days passed Sabrina grew suspicious. She wondered if her mother was only pretending to be in shock in order to avoid facing Sabrina and the inevitable questions.

Sabrina soon begins to discover more of her family’s history. The deeper she delves, willing or not, the darker the shadows. New information concerning the Devour curse is revealed as well as a way of redemption. As the thirteenth daughter, Sabrina could very well be the key to breaking the curse.

The death of her father, a new man in her life, and the reappearance of Richard Tate foreshadows a new start for Sabrina. Once more she is thrust into the fear-inspiring Tate Mansion. Can love survive surrounded by deception, evil, and death? Will Sabrina survive the new depths of wicked secrets and painful choices?

Power, seduction, revenge, and loss; these are the blocks on which Ms. Mauro’s The Face of Heaven is built. Tentatively framed with hope, filled with mystery and a menacing, yet, well-executed plot line, this sequel to Even Angels Fall will grip the reader from the first word to the last. Mauro’s voice remains true to the story and its characters. The skillful writing of this author and her convincing technique causes this reviewer to highly recommend this second installment in the trilogy by Sherry Mauro.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Rho.

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