by Karen Anders

February 2002
ISBN: 0-373-79026-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #22
Mass Market Paperback

Sexual fantasies! Yes, that's an attention grabber, all right! So when eager-to-prove-herself journalist Haley Lawton gets the chance to write her very own series of columns on sexual fantasies, she jumps at the chance. Unfortunately, there's a slight problem - she has no sex life!! In a move that is likely to re-define the expression "chutzpah", Haley calls the sexiest guy she knows, the handsome and studly Dylan Malone.

Perhaps there's something in the water in New York City, because I can assure you, dear reader, that if I'd had a serious crush on somebody in college, even had a "morning after" thing with him, I don't think I'd ever be able to get up the nerve to call him a couple of years later and ask him to help me fulfill some sexual fantasies - all in the name of journalistic research, of course. Umm... yeah! Sure. However, our intrepid heroine does just that, and guess what? Dylan is eager to assist in such scholarly research - he's practically got his pants unbuttoned and tie whipped off before the end of the first phone call.

Sure, it's a flimsy plot, and quite unrealistic in its assumptions, but actually this book is a charming scamper through the realms of assorted sexual encounters - all of which, I must add, are clearly designed for the size 6's amongst us - leather bustiers and matching thongs leave awful marks on anything resembling cellulite! And we won't even discuss lace teddies and their relationship to the monumental wedgie issue.

Underneath all the fun, giggles and raspberry syrup, however, is a quite satisfying love story - Dylan and Haley are likeable people, intelligent, and attracted to each other in more than one way. I felt uncomfortable at the emphasis that was placed on class distinction however; it probably still exists out there somewhere, but struck me as a little old fashioned in this age of social equality, especially in the business field. There are few secondary characters to interfere with our lovers, but those that are necessary fulfill their roles adequately and assist in bringing this story to its satisfactory completion. If you're looking for some ideas to spice up your relationship, or a pleasant read about a couple who learn there's often no line between sex and romance, do try this book - thongs and Popsicles optional.

Reviewed in February 2002 by Celia.

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