by Daria Karpova

September 2004
ISBN: 1-59632-028-1
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Daria Karpova gives us a fabulous romantic adventure in Loose Diamonds, her first book but definitely NOT her last!!! Cherise Santori has been recruited by her Uncle Laslo to deliver a briefcase to his partner in Rio. Little does she realize the adventure that this little assignment causes her to embark on!

Cherise is a very wealthy young lady, who leads a playgirl life. She was going to be in Rio for a party anyway so it wasn’t an inconvenience to do the delivery. She’s in her plane waiting for her pilot to come back when this gorgeous hunk comes and starts getting her luggage to transport it to a limo. The gorgeous hunk is Leif Gerritsen – “rouge archeologist extraordinaire”. He’s flying her to her final destination, until they have an accident in the helicopter when Cherise tries to force him to land after discovering that Leif knows about things that, as far as she’s concerned, he shouldn’t.

When Cherise awakens, she’s told they are about 200 miles from Rio in a seaside villa. Since she can’t do much else, she roams the estate, getting a feel for the land. While she’s eavesdropping on the bad guys, Leif catches her. At this point, the adventure really begins, and what an adventure!!! The book takes off on an action filled journey where the bad guys think they are going to win, but Cherise and Leif refuse to go quietly!!!

This book has something to appeal to just about everyone – a feisty kickass heroine, a yummy hero, Indiana Jones-type adventure, a hot, hot romance and a really unique look at vampire lore! I recommend this book for everyone!!!! Great job, Ms. Karpova! Can’t wait for the next one!!

Reviewed in October 2004 by PamL.

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