by MaryJanice Davidson

September 2004
ISBN: 1-59632-012-5
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Beggarman, Thief by MaryJanice Davidson is a futuristic sci-fi tale that has the typical MaryJanice Davidson humor. It’s a fast-paced short read with some laugh-out-loud moments!!

Mitchell Hunter is a handsome, filthy rich cyborg who owns about a third of Minneapolis in the year 2072. He’s faster, smarter and stronger than everyone else and …he’s all alone!!

Jamie Day grew up on the streets and has had to fight for everything she’s ever gotten, which isn’t much! Oh, she’s also a mutant who can phase through solid objects, like walls and safes.

Jamie has to break into Mitchell’s penthouse and safe to retrieve something for a really nasty crime lord. The Medici Stone is the largest diamond known to man, and it’s in Hunter’s safe for one night only, before it heads to the Moon! This particular night, Hunter is supposed to be at a huge gala, honoring the new President, but he doesn’t go. Jamie must get the stone this night so she waits until he’s sleeping before commencing with her B&E. However, there is a little something she never discovered about Hunter; he never sleeps!

Hunter is amazed when he realizes someone has broken into his penthouse. His security is the best!! He’s even more amazed when he catches this petite woman phasing into his safe!! He can’t believe his eyes, either one of them. One is a normal eye and one is cybernetic! He can’t see Jamie with the cybernetic eye, but he can with the real one! He allows her to get into the safe and then out again before approaching her.

Beggarman, Thief is a fun read with delightful characters. Hunter wants to understand what it’s like being a mutant, and Jamie, with her street smarts and wonderful quips, can’t understand why he wants to know. She’s a “nobody” after all!!

If you’re looking for a fast, light read with plenty of laughs, I recommend you pick up this book! It will be well worth the time!!!!

Reviewed in October 2004 by PamL.

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