by Linda Lael Miller

March 2000
ISBN: 0-671-04244-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Sonnet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Left a widow from the war with a son and a younger sister to care for, Bridget McQuarry heads out of Virginia to the land deeded to her, Skye and two cousins called Primrose Creek in Nevada, hoping to make a life for the only family she had left, her son and younger sister. When they reach Primrose Creek, the house has no roof, but it doesnít stop a determined Bridget - so like any enterprising woman does, she uses the tarp from the wagon that brought them across to the country as the roof.

Then one day, Trave Qualtrough, a man from the past, enters Bridgetís world again. Bridget doesnít know if she wants to leap into his arms or send him on his way Ė she eventually opts for the latter. She blames him for her husbandís death, Mitch, because it was Trace who encouraged him to go to war. But Trace will not leave; he even tells Bridget that she will marry him! Bridget refuses - she is stubborn and determined to make it on her own. But the tingling sensations she never had with her husband are there with Trace - and just looking at him, make her weak in the knees.

But circumstances beyond her control leave her married to Trace. But recently widowed, she feels torn by her reaction to Trace and loyalty to her dead husband. She must put into perspective her feelings and thoughts for Mitch before she can even explore the feelings and her reactions to Trace.

Bridget is the first in the Primrose Creek Series by Linda Lael Miller. From beginning, I was compelled to read page after page and was drawn into the story as if I was right there beside Bridget! The heartbreak, fears, tragedy and finding the love denied to oneself makes Bridget a very enjoyable read. Christy is the next book in the series and I canít wait to read that one! I just know it will be as riveting as Bridget.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Pam.

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