by Alyssa Brooks

September 2004
ISBN: 1-59578-042-4
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Most people might not be overly thrilled to inherit the towns local hurdy gurdy house however this particular landmark has been in Carmen’s family for years and she feels honored to the new owner. The Lucky Hart has been closed for a month since her uncle’s death and in the time that she’s taken over, she’s worked her butt off hiring new dancers, updating costumes, cleaning and restocking the food and liquor supply.

There is no way she’s going to allow Brent Sommers, the new fire chief who she happens to have known since childhood to walk into her establishment and close it down. However she has a hard time stopping him from storming right in and proceeding to prove that the building is not up to code. However it seems to Carmen that he has more than just official reasons for not wanting her to open up on schedule.

Brent is ready to explode in more ways than one, when Carmen does open as planned and proceeds to welcome back all the loyal patrons from center stage wearing nothing but a lace teddy. He proceeds to march her back to her office planning to give her a piece of his mind when suddenly they both realize they are locked in. The heat of anger quickly turns over to the heat of passion as Carmen and Brent find a perfect way to spend their time together.

Not only does the author develop a great romantica type storyline, she also throws in a good mix of suspense as it seems that Brent is not the only one that wants to see The Lucky Hart closed for good. You’ll be wrapped up in finding out just who the bad guy is.

From this point on, the book does spend a lot of time going from the two characters arguing to basically falling into some pretty hot scenarios wherever they can. There are some particularly wonderful scenes involving ice cream sundaes and some fun water play. Even though I normally don’t care for books where the characters bounce back and forth with their emotions, I found this book to more than make up for it with the hot sex scenes.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Shelby.

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