by Melissa Senate

December 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25077-0
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Trade Paperback

One of the most exciting days of any womanís life is her wedding day. Most start dreaming of it as a young girl, and hope that when her day comes the reality is closely linked to the fantasy.

Eloise Manfred is not really any different. She has her idea of her dream wedding. The question for her is will the wedding she has be the wedding of her dreams or her worst nightmare? Why would any bride plan a nightmare wedding? Well, the answer to that question comes in the form of Eloiseís boss, Astrid OíConnor.

Astrid has the wonderful idea of not only throwing Eloise a wedding, but also a wedding for her co-worker Philippa Wills. Each of these women will be given a wedding by the magazine they work for, Wow Weddings. The only thing is - one will be given a traditional wedding for the classic bride, and one will be given a very modern wedding for the modern bride. They must also agree to all the choices that Astrid, in her infinite wisdom, makes concerning their respective weddings, and to her very constricted schedule.

At first this all sounds wonderful to both brides. However as life rarely runs smoothly neither does their acceptance of Wow Weddings' plans for them. Both women run into blocks in their personal lives that could potentially ruin the plans for them to even marry. Ms. Senate has done a truly remarkable job of keeping Eloise as a main character and yet not demoting Philippa so much that she becomes a character for whom we grow no real attachment.

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway is a highly enjoyable book, even if I did have the ending figured out early on. I found all the characters to be extremely likable and the writing style easy to follow. Now itís off to read the other books by Melissa Senate that become all too firmly planted in my TBR garden.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Sandi.

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