by Katherine Garbera

June 2004
ISBN: 0-373-76587-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1587
Mass Market Paperback

Ray Pasquale, ex mob boss has turned matchmaker extraordinaire to atone for his earthly wrongdoing and gain entry into the pearly gates. Ray must help as many people find true love as the number of people he killed. He will be doing this for a good long while.

His latest case involves him pretending to be the owner of a Caribbean resort, which Adam Powell desperately wants to buy. Ray and his wife Didi, (really an angel and the keeper of the pearly gates) agree to meet with Adam and his long time girlfriend. The Argeliniís want a happy couple to buy the resort.

Powellís only problem is that his mistress has broken things off. In a jam Adam convinces his assistant Jayne Montrose to pose as his mistress for the two weeks needed to put on a good show for the Argeliniís and acquire the resort.

Jayne has been lusting after her boss almost since her first day on the job. Jayne accepts the impromptu vacation with the hopes in the back of her mind that perhaps she can convince Adam to see her as not just an assistant but as something much more.

Adam soon finds himself wishing the temporary arrangement were forever. Can he convince Jayne of his sincerity in a mere two weeks time?

The latest installment in Katherine Garberaís King Of Hearts mini series is pure entertainment. I thought the premise behind this book was really cleaver and it is so much fun to see how the author brings Ray to life each time to help the lucky couples. Adam and Jayne were a delightful couple and the banter between the two was priceless. I canít wait until the next installment of this charming series. Mistress Minded is another winning offering by an extraordinary imaginative author.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Barbara.

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