by Mandy M. Roth

August 2004
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Something in a small rural town is murdering the teenagers. The Chief of Police, Adam Sisel, is out to find out what or who is doing the killings, while still trying to protect the others, including his son. The story opens up with them finding the third victim and one Adam has seen grown up for the last ten years, since he moved to the town.

Justin, Adamís son, is different from the other teenagers and gets blamed by some of the town because he dresses differently. You know the black nail polish, the goth clothing and some of the people canít get by the look and clothing to see the person inside.

The story isnít about Justin but about Adam and finding love again. He has had feelings for Beth Murray, the local reporter for a while now, but he doesnít show it in any way. Living in a small town where everyone knows everyone, he doesnít want to give them any gossip about him or his son. There is enough pressure on his son as it is.

Things come to a head in more ways then one when Beth shows up at Adamís house. Justin left to blow off some steam, before Beth showed up, when Adam was getting ready to go after him. Plans changed and now it was after dark and Justin hadnít returned.

Can this one afternoon of finally realizing how the other felt about each other last? What about the murders, who or what has killed the teenagers and just where was Justin? Can the murders be solved and no one else hurt or killed in the process?

Misfit In Middle America is a fairly short story. The story deals with misconceptions about people just because of their dress or how they act. About finding love again and finally acting on it, and finding out what secrets are being hidden and how they might change the perception of another and maybe find an ally along the way.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Pam.

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