by Ellen Fisher

August 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-539-5
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Never Love A Stranger, by Ellen Fisher is a thoroughly entertaining book about Annie, a feisty widow and James, the huge naked gorgeous man she finds in her kitchen.

Annie Simpsonís husband has been dead for a year and sheís withdrawn from most of her friends, with the exception of Kay, her best friend for years. Sheís lonely, but has no idea how to reach out to people.

James is from three hundred years in the future. He tells Annie that he left the future in order to save his life. His people were being murdered. He is considered a criminal, but fails to tell Annie why! He instructs her to get him some clothes. She has some of her husbandís clothes around, although James is much bigger. She grabs a black tee shirt and underwear for him. Annie knows itís not the best but itís better than her having to stare at him nude! Annie has no idea what to do with him, let alone whether or not to believe him, but she feeds him and lets him bed down in the guest room.

The next morning, James makes breakfast and they go shopping for clothes at the mall. Annie notices a car following them from her neighborhood to the mall and thinks nothing of it until after they shop and head back home. The same car comes up on them on a deserted road and starts shooting at them with a ray gun. Annie runs the car off the road into a tree and heads for home, but not before the person in the car shoots Annieís car with the gun.

Thus begins the exciting adventures of Annie and James. They are on the run from the Bureau, the people from Jamesí world that want him dead. They inadvertently involve Annieís friend Kay and her son. They receive help from an unexpected source. They start falling in love untilÖ Well, I donít want to give away too much!

Ellen Fisher shows us an intriguing, yet startling look into the future. This powerful book has many twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Please do yourself a favor. Donít pass up a fabulous book!

Reviewed in September 2004 by PamL.

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