by Judi McCoy

December 2004
ISBN: 0-06-056080-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Lila has always felt second best to her twin, Rila, and is sorely disappointed when Rila wins once again and gets a chance to go on a special mission. The mission is to go to Earth to search out a man who has been marked as being virile and capable of producing a male child to help in the re-population of their planet. Their planet is dying out after years of genetic engineering. Lila feels only a little guilty after knocking her sister out and taking her place on the mission.

Lila finds herself in a small town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and answers an ad to be the housekeeper for twin toddler boys and their divorced daddy, a busy doctor. Her training has not prepared her for the emotions she feels not only for the little boys, but for their patient and handsome father as well. Paul Anderson is a kind and loving man, who is trying to make up for the neglect of his family while being busy with his career that caused his divorce. Paul is entranced with the lovely, yet mysterious Lila and has to keep repeating the mantra, "Don't grope the nanny". With Lila's determination to complete her mission by getting pregnant without Paul's knowing the whole story, there is bound to be tension and humor along the way.

Adding to the humor and fun of the story are the quirky residents of the town. Lila is more than a little worried that "her cover" will be blown by Bill, a retiree, who is the head of Eastern Shore Alien Watch. Bill has seen strange lights and he and his cohorts are planning meetings along with the annual Founder's Day, to keep the locals abreast of the situation. To raise funds they are selling aluminum foil hats like those worn in the movie Signs.

This is the second book in a trilogy, but stands well on its own since the premise is explained in depth and there are different characters. Of course, you will have to buy the first book, Wanted: One Special Man , if you haven't already because it is just as much fun to read.

There are plenty of steamy scenes, but there is a touching tale, too, of a heroine and hero, who have to deal with issues from the past before they can move on to the future. There is emphasis on the love of family and friends, which is something we all need in today's fast paced life. The twin boys, Rick and Teddy, will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings.

With Wanted: One Special Kiss , Ms McCoy has added another satisfying novel full of whimsy and love to her body of work. I anxiously await the next book in this trilogy and others from this talented writer.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Roberta.

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