by Julie Elizabeth Leto

September 2004
ISBN: 0-373-61285-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Author Julie Leto is best known for sultry locations and scorching passion between her characters. Yet she shows a real flair for suspense in Line of Fire, her contribution to the Harlequin Code Red series. Be prepared to spend the afternoon reading this compelling story as a killer is loose in Courage Bay, California.

Often at odds and apparently with opposing views of the justice system, Adam Guthrie cannot deny that defense attorney Faith Lawton is an excellent lawyer. He just hates it when her abilities spotlight inefficiencies in the Courage Bay Police Department. Now that he is the Chief of Detectives, those weaknesses will be eradicated. When a murder investigation is mishandled, resulting in the freedom of her very-guilty client, Adam is compelled to discuss his views with Faith. The fact that he is attracted to her on a personal level has no bearing on this. Of course it doesnít.

As a sniperís bullets ring out across the courtyard steps, ďprotect and defendĒ takes on a whole new meaning. Adam pulls Faith out of harmís way and right into his arms. As they work together to ferret out the identity of the sniper, both of them must come to terms with their mutual attraction and the ramifications a relationship will have on their professional lives.

Ms. Leto pulls out all the stops to give readers a double-edged thrill. The heated encounters between Adam and Faith sizzle, and the hunt for the killer is engrossing. Throw in some intriguing secondary characters and you have a real winner. I may have to read the rest of the series, just to find out what happens to Faithís sister Kay and Adamís brother Casey.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Paula.

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