February 2005
ISBN: 1-4165-0159-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Trade Paperback

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s novella “Captivated” By You opens Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down. BAD agent Rhea Stevenson has had to do a lot of things she has hated while in the line of duty, however, her newest assignment holds the record as the worse of the worse. In order to help her colleague aka male god and personal demon, Ace Krux, Rhea has to take the role of a Dominatrix in an undercover mission. For that purpose, she will have to work closely with him, and take some lessons in BDSM that she will have to practice using Ace as her “test dummy”. This is the second of Ms. Kenyon’s stories in her relatively new BAD series. ”Captivated” By You is laced with humor and makes for a rather quick read.

The second novella in the anthology is Melanie George’s Promise Me Forever. Ex-football pro, Donovan, is coming back home. Known as the White Lightning before he suffered the injury that forced him to retire, he has had two whole years to think about his life. Finally realizing what he truly wants as well as what he needs, Donovan returns to his hometown to try and do what he should have done all those years ago: win back Savannah. Although this story uses a plot ploy that always puts me off in any romance involving children and ex-lovers, I found myself drawn to the characters and touched to the point in which I actually found myself brought to tears. This is one beautifully told story.

And the final novella of this anthology is Jaid Black’s Hunter’s Right. Corporal Ronda Tipton of the U.S. Army is on her way to a secret compound in the Arctic. After having been “stuck” on a desk job since her knee had been injured during a mission in Afghanistan, she has been dying for the chance to go back to active duty. However, something goes wrong and the helicopter transporting her to the base crashes, leaving Ronda the only survivor. As she is trying to figure a way to be rescued, she discovers a cavern and takes shelter. What she discovers in that cavern is beyond surreal. For those of you who have read Jaid Black’s story Besieged, this novella takes place in the same world. I loved the characters in this story, Ronda being a heroine of the kick a** variety. I hope that there is at least one more story involving this world.

Although the title Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down implies BDSM, it is quite light on the BDSM element. I found all the stories to be very sexy, appealing, and engaging. The mix was nicely done, although one of the stories could have had a bit more plot development. If you fancy a quick, erotic, and highly entertaining read, this anthology would be a very good choice. I certainly recommend it.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Mireya.