by Jo Beverley

February 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21423-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Jo Beverley brings us another story revolving around her beloved Malloren family.

Damaris Myddleton has just become one of the richest women in England and can have her pick of any of the eligible men in the country, but is set on using her money to buy a man with a title. And she hopes that title will belong to the Marquess of Ashart, the cousin to the Marquess of Rothgar, who is in dire straights and in need of marrying a fortune. But when Ashart chooses another to become his bride, Damaris’ world falls apart and she tries to run away to avoid any more embarrassment.

Her plans are foiled by Ash’s friend and confidante Mr. Fitzroger, a dashing but penniless adventurer. Fitz stops her from running away and also helps her regain her standing in society and avoid a social disaster. Unfortunately, he is a most unsuitable man to have in her life, much less fall in love with. But that is precisely what happens and neither one of them can prevent it from happening, no matter how hard each of them tries.

But when Damaris plans to try for a duke with a title, Fitz shows her that marrying for money instead of love is the worst mistake she could ever make and he does everything in his power to show her it is so.

Talk about a mismatched pair of star crossed lovers, but Ms. Beverley makes this story work with many secondary characters, including the Marquess of Rothgar who subtly puts his finger on everything and makes sure that the situation will come to a happy conclusion. Damaris is a woman who knows what she wants, but for the wrong reasons. She missed out on the love of her parents while growing up and tries to buy love with her fortune. Fitz teaches her that love can’t be bought but it is the greatest treasure she will ever own.

A Most Unsuitable Man is another wonderful story by Jo Beverley, although I would have liked more Malloren characters in it. I miss visiting them, but time must move on and new characters must be introduced. The Malloren influence lives on, albeit in the background. Another keeper for your Jo Beverley collection.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Debbie.

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