by Lisa Cach

September 2004
ISBN: 0-505-52520-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Lisa Cach treats us to an unusual historical romance with her book, Come To Me. We journey to the dark side of magic and encounter demons. We are shown that love can and will conquer everything.

Samira is a winged creature who brings dreams of passion to mortal men. As a succubus, she has no contact with them except for the pleasure she brings and takes from them. Having experienced every type of pleasure mortals can dream of, she is no innocent and yet she longs for the one thing she can never have. She longs for the touch and love of a man. As punishment for a deed she had performed, she is sent to the world as a human and loses her heart to a man who has no need of it.

Nicolae has been damaged by the war his family is fighting. He has been banished to a ruined castle to live out his days in pain and anger. Turning to the dark arts for his revenge, he plans on using Samira to help him get it. He finds capturing her easy, but binding her to him is the hardest thing. Then when she arrives on his doorstep as a mortal, his anger is fueled. She will be no good to him now. He tries to ignore the tingling of attraction he feels for her.

Samira longs for Nicolae to look at her without disgust in his eyes. She wants his touch like she had felt a thousand others in their dreams. Nicolae has to revise all his plans of revenge, but slowly he begins to realize his heartís not in it. Heís finding it harder and harder to resist Samira until he has to decide which is more important: the woman he loves or the revenge he has always wanted.

While the story line was unusual and the setting isnít usually seen in romances, I didnít find the characters all that engrossing. For all her knowledge of passion, Samira seemed strikingly naÔve about it all. Nicolae came across as cold and uninteresting. With all the darkness in the book, there just didnít seem to be enough light to make it shine.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Jenni.

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