by Luanne Rice

November 2004
ISBN: 0-553-80411-1
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December brings Nova Scotia Christmas tree farmer Christopher Byrne to New York City each year to sell his trees. He will use the money to sustain his family through the coming year. Over the last few years, following the unexpected death of Chrisí wife, his children Danny and Bridget have made the journey to the city with him. Last December was particularly hard for Chris as he and his teenage son, Danny, had become involved in a bitter argument which caused the young man to run away. Chris was arrested for the argument but was let go when no one stepped forward to press charges. Having no choice, Chris returned to Nova Scotia without his son.

Chris has made the annual pilgrimage to NYC with his daughter Bridget to sell his trees and hopefully find his beloved son. His greatest wish is to find Danny and have him return home so the three can once again become a family. Chris only hopes that Danny has survived a year in the big city.

Librarian Catherine Tierney lost her love for the holidays on her husbandís death; Christmas Eve three years ago. Brian had promised he would never really leave Catherine and that he would send her a sign each year at Christmas time to show his love. Catherine is still waiting for the sign.

This Christmas is bound to be different as fate has stepped in and is about to introduce two people who desperately need to believe in the magic of the season. The unintentional omission of facts threatens to forever harm Catherine and Chrisí relationship.

With strong characters, and an entertaining story line, Luanne Rice brings her readers a Christmas gift in her latest release Silver Bells. Ms Rice gives the reader a charming picture of NYC at this special time of year. She has created a story of second chances that has all the magic of the holiday season. Silver Bells has all the makings to become a Christmas classic to be enjoyed year after year. Pick up a copy and enjoy a new holiday tradition brought to you by the talented Luanne Rice.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Barbara.

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