by Vonna Harper

September 2004
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Shana hires Ranger to help her find her missing friend. She has seen some bondage clips of her friend and feels she must be abused or held against her will. Over the course of days, Ranger will help her on the journey to find Lindsay. But what will she find when she reaches her friend?

This is a canít-put-down book, but not necessarily in a good way. Though there are others who would disagree, the book's sexually explicitness tends to seem too dark to this reader. Mayhap itís the lifestyle which seems dark to me.

Most of the orgasms are forced through a Dom/sub lifestyle and the hero and heroineís relationship is very confusing. Though it does have itís moments outside the fantasy where the reader enjoys what is forming between the characters. The most disturbing is the prologue that lets you see Lindsayís life as a young, impressionable girl. Then when the reader glimpses the grown Lindsay and her choices, one questions whether she is altogether as much as the happy tones lead you to believe. Did one instance lead to later decisions and are those healthy? Who knows, and truth be told its fiction so I guess thatís the way the cookie crumbles.

Scarlet Cavern is a very well written story, but wouldnít make a favorite for this reviewer. Too many dark overtones grace the content. And what was the line between fantasy and reality? The reality doesnít begin to make an appearance until the end of the story and then it leaves the reader a little awed by the sudden shift in the treatment of the women.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Katy.

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