by Jaci Burton

August 2004
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Gina Capelli has big plans for her upcoming thirtieth birthday. Shes in Las Vegas to attend the annual fan convention for her favorite night time soap opera, Bite Me. While at the convention shes also hoping to find someone to help her out with a pesky little problem. Her virginity. Of course, its really only a technicality thanks to her fondness for vibrators.

Gina is the grand prize winner of a fan contest. After a day of makeovers and pampering she finds herself attending a by-invitation-only party with the cast and crew. Enter Deacon Black, the tall, dark, and gorgeous star of Bite Me. She cant believe hes interested in her, but what she doesnt know is that he really is a vampire like the one he portrays on television and he's in desperate need for the blood of a virgin.

I enjoyed the fact Gina was a plus-size heroine and after the makeover she was able to see herself as beautiful and sexy. However, I have a problem with how casually she went about trying to rid herself of her virginity. Rather than approaching it romantically, she is willing to sleep with anyone who will have her. In my opinion, the love scenes lacked any type of emotion and rather than enjoying herself, Gina just wants to get it over with. Yet, at the end we are supposed to believe that this encounter was so beautiful, loving and romantic, she is willing to do absolutely anything for Deacon. Her quick acceptance of a truly bizarre situation is also a bit hard to believe.

Bite Me was a quick read. I'm sorry to say that due to the shorter format I was left feeling like the story was rushed. I believe however, that Jaci Burton fans will enjoy Bite Me, and will be pleased to have it as part of their book collection.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Jackie.

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