by Marin Thomas

January 2005
ISBN: 0-373-75054-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1050
Mass Market Paperback

Brandt’s Corner, Texas

Josephine Delaney, corporate whiz, was for once in way over her head. Josephine had been sent to, of all places, a small town called Brandt’s Corner in the remotest part of Texas by her overbearing father to retrieve her sister’s son, Bobby. The family had no idea that Cassandra, who had been estranged from them for years, even had a son. Cassandra had been killed in an accident months ago, and the Delaney family had first been informed only the day before. Once learning about his grandson, Josie’s father had sent her here to get the boy from his biological father, a cowboy known only as “JD”. Having dealt with all kinds of fast wheeling financial situations, and corporate mergers, Josephine pretty much could handle anything thrown her way. That was until she met JD!

JD was a loner by nature. A former rodeo star, he had taken the money he'd saved and bought into the Rocking R ranch to become partners with his foster father, Blake. JD and Blake got the shock of their lives when the New York social worker showed up on their doorsteps a few months back with the little boy in tow telling a clueless JD he was the boy’s father. Having finally opened his closed heart to love, JD wasn’t going to let this pint size blonde in a tight skirt tell him to just hand over his son! JD would allow Josephine to stay at the ranch for a while and get to know her nephew. But it seems the more JD is exposed to Josie, the more attracted to her he gets. Josie is also developing feelings towards her nephew’s father. If she is to complete her mission for her parents to retrieve their grandson, Josie must remain impartial to this man. Josie begins to see the devoted father JD is to Bobby. She can no longer think of seperating these two and breaking the bond they have finally developed.

Another winner by Marin Thomas! Her next novel in the Fatherhood series for Harlequin, Daddy By Choice, is a heart tugger! JD is a modern version of the old western outlaw, raw, sexy, and tough on the outside, but he's also a giving and caring man on the inside (you girls will love him!) Josephine is dynamite in a corporate suit! Together they are one heckuva sizzling couple!

Reviewed in December 2004 by Bonnie.

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