by Fern Michaels

October 2004
ISBN: 0-7434-7747-2
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Fern Michaels takes us on another visit with the Cisco family that we met in No Place Like Home. This story starts off with a violent tornado that ends up taking the home of the famous candy maker Loretta Cisco, also known as Cisco by her three triplet grandchildren. Luckily, Loretta and Ezra, her partner were unhurt by the twister that plowed through the mountainous area of Pennsylvania, but still Ciscoís heart is broken. All of her belongings are now strewed here and yonder all over the town. It takes Ezra but moments to remind her that she is lucky to still have her health, her family and a bright future.

If only Ezra could take away all of Ciscoís other worries as quickly as he did her stress over the house. Each of her beloved grandchildren seem to be having marital problems and of course none of them are opening up to Cisco about what is really going on. How can she possibly help them if they wonít talk to her?

It seems they arenít talking to their spouses enough either, as all three siblings problems stem from a huge lack of communication on their parts. The trips have no idea that the issues keeping their spouses away from home so much have nothing to do with infidelity but a lot to do with some great Christmas gift plans.

Of course this wouldnít be a Christmas tale without some magical things happening. The entire town will end up pulling together to help Cisco rebuild before Christmas arrives and Cisco will be able to pull off a little magic of her own as she helps pull her entire family together for a holiday they will never forget.

If you are looking for a Christmas story that leaves a warm place in your heart, this book will do a good enough job of that however, if you are looking for much more than that, you best go pick up another book to fill the hours before Christmas arrives. As a long time fan of Fernís books, I had come to expect a book that would hold my attention until the very last page was read and unfortunately this particular story fell short of that.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Shelby.

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