by Kimberly Raye

October 2004
ISBN: 0-446-61400-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Xandra Farrel, the owner and head designer of Wild Women, Inc., needs a hot new erotic toy to wow her buyers at an upcoming convention. Itís kind of hard for her to think after her longtime boyfriend, Mark, leaves her, but with supportive neighbors and coworkers, Xandra finally comes up with the perfect product, the ultimate female orgasm. Like she tests all her products, Xandra wants to personally try this one. Who better to test it on than the man who gave her the worst sexual experience ever, Beau Hollister?

Even though itís been over eleven years, Beau Hollister still hasnít forgotten Xandra Farrel and their one night together. Losing control with her cost him a lot. He canít afford to be distracted again, not when he needs to concentrate on cementing a new image for his company. It would be a lot easier if Xandra wore clothes when he came to work on her house renovations.

In a battle of hearts, Xandra takes a series of offensive positions, and Beau offers his best defense. Along the way, will they both learn that in the game of love, the best defense is no defense at all?

Sometimes Naughty, Sometimes Nice, is the second novel by acclaimed writer Kimberly Raye. It centers on the life of Xandra, one of the three daughters of celebrated sexologist and feminist Jacqueline Farrel. Like its predecessor, Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice, Sometimes Naughty, Sometimes Nice is sexy and fun.

The characters are a wonderful lot. Original and engaging, the Farrel family members are exciting, often outrageous people who invoke sighs of wonder, smiles, and side-aching laughter. The entire family could have spent the entire novel whitewashing a picket fence, and the novel still would have been appealing. The Farrels are simply that entertaining.

The other characters in the novel are also superbly detailed. The supportive neighbors in Xandraís community are a riot. Albert could win any womanís heart with his plans for seduction. Last but certainly not least, Beau Hollister gives as good as he gets. He is the perfect foil for Xandra.

Unfortunately, the characters also brought along with them, the storyís only flaw. With so many people in the picture, there did seem to be a great deal happening all the time. The transitions from one story line to another were not always smooth, and they occasionally interrupted the pace of the story.

Even so, the distractions are minor. They donít take away from the fact that Sometimes Naughty, Sometimes Nice, is a seductive pleasure readers will find hard to resist.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Natasha.

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