by Michelle Cunnah

July 2004
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Call Waiting picks up where 32AA ends - with Emma. She’s been with her boyfriend, Jack, for eight months and while this is one of the longest relationships she’s had, she’s hopeful it will become more serious. Jack’s job keeps taking him away from her for hours, or weekends. After a while these absences, along with his boss, begin to take a toll on their relationship. Will it become more serious or end completely?

In addition to this, Emma must find a way to earn her inheritance. Her womens rights advocate aunt stipulated that to get her inheritance she must earn it by demonstrating she is worthy of her name. In other words she must have the courage of her convictions, commitment to something, and triumph over adversity. However simple this may sound, with Emma nothing is so simple.

Though this follows 32AA and carries the same characters, this book completely stands alone. Though if you read the first, you probably already know and love the quirky, adorable, loveable Emma and her weird little to-do lists she’s continually writing. All of the characters seem to come alive in the pages and soon we feel right at home reading this novel.

There are several sub-stories within the main plot and we learn a lot about each of the characters and what’s going on in their lives. Most of Emma’s life revolves around a set of couples and continually we watch their struggles as well. Call Waiting has no problems maintaining the reader's attention. You will probably find yourself reluctant to set it down.

With chick lit, as a reader that has tried several, I would have to say some have been good...but the majority I find just all right. "Take them or leave them" kinds of reads. However, this one falls into the very good category, with lots of laughs and characters you don’t want to miss!

Reviewed in August 2004 by Katy.

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