by Veronica Chadwick, Lora Leigh

August 2004
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In the year 2375, a heck of a lot has changed. Foremost amongst the changes is societyís handling of sexuality. Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies are now a thing of the past. Strict controls have been established to prevent both. Where once technologies were focused mainly on war and defense now the focus is on pleasure Ė and lots of it. From all of these changes has come a world devoid of gentler feelings like love.

This is where B.O.B. comes in. B.O.B stands for battery-operated boyfriend, cybernetic creations designed to please and pleasure. They are life size, anatomically correct, and programmed to fulfill their users every creative fantasy. In this sensually aware atmosphere re-emerges the lost art of erotic romance. The feisty, free spirited, sensualist Elyiana Richards spearheads this movement towards frank sexual expression. Her writing has taken the world by storm and ignited the frustration and ire of hunky Scottish billionaire The MacDougal, leader of Cyber-Tronics and creator of the B.O.B.

The MacDougal has spent a longtime repressing his sexuality but he is drawn to Elyiana as he hasnít been to other women in the past. When a near fatal accident makes the unimaginable reality leaving a disoriented Mac to search for a traitor he seeks out the one woman he can trust Elyiana.

Once again the dynamic team of Lora Leigh and Veronica Chadwick introduce us to a world of sexy dominant men and women. B.O.Bís Fall will make you want your very own B.O.B. (I mean the life size kind.) Despite some confusion in the beginning relating to this new world, you should have no problems losing yourself in this story of sensual awakening and fever bright passions.


Reviewed in October 2004 by Cynthia.