by Camille Anthony, Shiloh Walker, Jennifer Dunne

August 2004
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The story offerings in HotSpell show a great range of creativity. The three authors give unique takes on the world of witchcraft.

In Shiloh Walkerís Under Your Spell, Aislinn and Nicholas are two medieval witches. Aislinn wants it all or nothing. Nicholas is a nobleman who places honor above all things. The attraction is undeniable. Nicholas, pledged to marry another, feels that he canít bring dishonor to his family by breaking his engagement in order to marry Aislinn, a merchant's daughter. He asks her to become his mistress. She refuses and what she does in retaliation has dire consequences, including casting a spell on him and future generations. Fast-forward several centuries to meet their respective heirs who are both seeking something. He is aware of what has happened in the past and is desperate to break the spell. This is a sexy story that is told with both imagination and cleverness.

In Camille Anthonyís Wylder Magic, we are taken on a wild ride of powerful witchcraft. Elias Wylder is the most powerful warlock in the world. His peers and enemies fear, revile and envy him. But even with all of this, there are things that he desperately wants, but has been denied. One of them is his mate. Her name is Morven Maganistus and she has run away from him, using her own magic to hide. Elias started out as Morvenís professor whose job it was to ensure that she was ready to accept her wand. A part of this process involves her Opening, which I wonít explain here, because I donít want to spoil it. It is during this Opening that Elias deceives Morven, making her run from him. It is also during this time that he discovers she is his mate for life. This story allows us to venture into a new world that titillates and tantalizes.

Jennifer Dunneís Harvest Magic is set in the more mundane contemporary world, but it is filled with magic. Ally is a witch who has moved in with her widowed sister and her child to help take care of them. In the process, she brings the familyís organic farm to life, making it the most profitable in town. Matt is a real estate mogul who used to design cornfield mazes. Heís asked by the town to turn Allyís field into a maze in order to raise money for the town's schools. Ally is already looked upon by the townspeople with suspicion fueled by jealousy. If they find out that she is an actual witch, the stuff will really hit the fan! Matt and Ally have a combustible attraction that they act on quite nicely. But will Matt stay with Ally once he learns her secret? I found this story to be both rich and well thought-out. The story flowed beautifully and naturally.

These three authors bring a lot to the table. The stories have wonderful story lines and are swelteringly sexy!

Reviewed in January 2005 by Lisa.