by Bonnie Hamre

August 2004
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Norris Brownell is a very unhappy woman. She owns her own consulting company and is totally consumed by it. She’s also overweight and hates to diet and exercise. After years of work, her company is a success, but it has reached its plateau. Apparently, no one wants to hire a consulting firm where the owner can’t even control her weight! Norris’ friend, Kendra, lets her in on part of the secret of Kendra’s successful weight loss, but warns Norris that it is an extremely difficult six-week regimen. Norris, in her mind, sees a luxurious spa where she is primped and pampered. However, the reality is much more startling.

As she’s sitting in the spa director’s office reading her contract, she begins to have doubts. The accommodations are indeed luxurious, but no TV, no mingling with the other guests and worse yet, no fattening foods. Her only contact, in the beginning, is to be with her personal trainer, Adrian. Adrian’s mission is to teach Norris self-control……in all aspects of her life. As a Dominant, he employs the most unusual methods. His methods include some sexual foreplay, with the intention of training her to hold back as long as possible to get greater satisfaction, then berating her when she fails.

At first Norris fights him every step of the way, not believing him when he tells her that everything he is putting her through will indeed help her lose weight, as it all boils down to self-control! As time passes, Norris finds she’s looking and feeling much better and her feelings for Adrian are changing as well.

Sweet Discipline by Bonnie Hamre is a story about a woman’s journey of self-exploration, self-control and love. Norris learns things about herself that she never thought possible. Adrian was a great hero although the reader really doesn’t find out what makes him tick until the end and everything falls into place. The reader does go on Norris’ journey with her, celebrating her triumphs and feeling her pain when things don’t work out as intended. There are a few surprises along the way. Do yourself a favor, buy the book, read it and enjoy it! It’s well worth the time!!

Reviewed in November 2004 by PamL.

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