by Evangeline Anderson

August 2004
ISBN: 1-59578-037-8
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Reporter Sadie Thomas is tired of covering fluffy human-interest stories, joining ceremonies, baby showers, golden anniversaries and all that other stuff. As a junior reporter at the Io Moon Times she gets stuck with a lot of that. But that is about to change...

Sadie takes all of her annual vacation time at once and hops a ride on an ore transport headed for the most infamous prostie brothel in the System on Saturnís largest moon Titan. There she plans to gather enough facts for scandalous expose on the barely legal prostie-borg industry. Prostie-borgs are cybernetic life forms grown in flesh tanks on Mars and designed specifically for meeting the sexual needs of the miners on the outer rings of Saturn.

Sadie goes undercover as a prostie-borg with only an Overlook-Me chip for protection. When her Overlook-Me chip fails she almost finds out first hand what a prostie-borg goes through. Instead she meets two very handsome men who surprisingly have more than sex on their minds.

Detectives David Blakely and Christian ďHoltĒ Holtstein are a Tandem Unit on Old Earthís vice squad. They have microchips embedded in the base of their skulls that allow to function as though they were one person. They are on Titan to investigate the brothelís link to a rash of mind rapes on the outer colonies around the System. The detectives donít expect to find a reporter poking around who just so happens to have the right brain chemistry to complete their unusual partnership.

However, Sadie was raised within in a rigidly moral colony Goshen where the very idea of a woman having a sexual relationship with two men is completely unheard of.

Tandem Unit was funny, sexy, and a good read. The characters are a little wooden which made the story drag by sometimes. Overall it was an entertaining read.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Cynthia.

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