by Alexis Hart

August 2004
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What do a racecar driver and a photographer for the local newspaper have in common? They donít want to work together. One doesnít like to travel, and the other likes to be left alone. Cheyenne doesnít like to travel and is not happy about her assignment to follow around Thatcher Kaine, a racecar driver. Cheyenne gets the assistant she wants to travel with her. Now Thatcher doesnít want the interference the photographer will surely be making; he needs to concentrate on the upcoming race.

Well you know the old saying, ďyou donít always get what you wantĒ. And Thatcher and Cheyenne were both in for a surprise, and of course Thatcher was in for a bigger surprise, as he didnít know that C. Knight was a female. And of course it didnít help that Cheyenne was given the wrong information about their first outing together.

Can the man behind the fast cars slow down and smell the roses? What about Cheyenne, can she get over the past and move forward? What happens when the sparks fly between the two of them? Will they be able to put the sparks out or will it go into a full fledge raging fire between them?

Thatcher and Cheyenne are great for each other. They compliment each other in many ways. Cheyenne can see what the problem is and lets Thatcher know, but will he take her words to heart and do what she wants? Or will it all fall onto death ears? Thatcher isnít like the public image he has been given; he is a caring and loving man. He is protective of those he loves and will defend them to anyone, including other family members.

It seems that racecar stories are getting to be somewhat popular now, and it doesn't matter whether the stories are about the drivers or someone associated with the sport. Ms. Hart has given us a story that will leave you smiling. The antics and flirtation in the story are great. The story isnít just about Thatcher and Cheyenne but about those they care about as well.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Pam.

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