by Kay Wilde

August 2004
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Jayden Parrish’s superstitious grandmother calls to warn her not to leave the house tonight. Grams says that the weather is “ripe” for a Demon Wind . . . one that supposedly causes virtuous ladies to lose their virtue. Jayden only has the energy to make it to the only air-conditioned room in her house. There she falls asleep, that is after fighting with the air conditioner to continue working. Suddenly she wakes up, and it’s hot! Desperate for air, Jayden steps outside. Oh, the woes of a Demon Wind and the mysterious man she meets!

Another in Kay Wilde’s long line of Tempting Fate series, Demon Wind, is just as exciting and erotic as the other stories in this series. Jayden is shocked by her experience and just floored by the result (which I won’t even get into – it’s a great twist!). She is an independent woman who has chosen to stay close to her Grandmother and help take care of her. She has no hopes of meeting a man, and when she does all kind of strange things happen. The great sex, quick love, and hot guy make this story a definite keeper. For a great, quick, romance with the paranormal thrown in, you most definitely want to add this story to your list as well.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Vikky.

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