by Camille Anthony

August 2004
ISBN: 1-59632-014-1
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Werewulf Journals 1: Wild in the City by Camille Anthony has a most interesting and very different concept to it. It features Hunter; a white man who is a Werewulf and Melody is a black woman who is a “hooker” with secrets and very low self-esteem. I loved the idea that Melody was not “perfect” by society’s standards but she was perfect in Hunter’s eyes!

Hunter is an ex-cop and an alien, whose people have lived side by side with humans for thousands of years. Now he works for the police and the government, getting rid of the “bad guys” that the law can’t seem to get off the streets. It’s a rotten job but someone has to do it. The new police commissioner is his ex-partner and they have “issues” that haven’t been resolved. I like Hunter but because of the issues, the police commissioner is a pain – I’m hoping that in future books, the issues get resolved!

Melody is a genetic by-product of experiments done by Hunter’s people after they crash-landed on earth, but she is just the type of woman Hunter has been searching for all of his life. He finds her one night as he’s heading to dinner – he “smells” her. Once he finds her on a street corner, he invites her to dinner - and what a dinner it is!!! There is such a HOT scene here that just blew me away!

Ms. Anthony takes us through Hunter’s feelings for Melody, as this is written in first person from his point of view. Every so often, we get a look into Melody’s fears and feelings. The sex is hot, hot and there are also some very graphic moments! We have a “less than perfect” hero

Werewulf Journals 1: Wild in the City is a great beginning to this very unusual series.! Ms. Anthony blows the “norm” out of the water with this story and I’m curious to see where she takes it. Kudos, Ms Anthony, for the unusual twist you give this story!

Reviewed in February 2005 by PamL.

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