by Brandilyn Collins

October 2004
ISBN: 0-310-25104-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Zondervan #2
Trade Paperback

Forensic Artist Annie Kingston is reluctant when Emily and her son, Edwin, Tarrell approach her about the unsolved murders of Emilyís husband and his best friend and co-worker. Itís been over twenty years since their deaths, and Emily is convinced that God has sent Annie to them to solve this decades old murder.

Bill Bland is a fugitive on the run. Heís disappeared for twenty years and now the trail has grown cold. But Bill still has his finger on events in his former hometown, and if he finds that someone is on his trail again, how far will he be prepared to go to remain a free man?

Annie dreads immersing herself in Blandís traits and personality. A single expression could alter the way his face has aged. Nevertheless, she descends into his criminal mind and world, only to discover someone is determined to stop her. Will Annie be able to complete the drawing and help the authorities find Bland before he can get to her?

Even though Stain of Guilt is book two in the Hidden Faces Series, it easily stands alone. I instantly became immersed in the story line and it was difficult to put the story down once I started reading. I donít like to be kept awake at night, worrying about characters and events, so I only read in the morning. This also kept the nightmares away!

Annie is a realistic character, hesitant to become involved, yet knowing sheís really the only one who can help the Tarrells find closure on this unresolved murder. You can sense the hesitancy in the way she questions the detectives and the Tarrells. The Tarrells themselves are a sweet family, wanting answers and closure, but prepared to wait on Godóeven if He takes over twenty years.

Suspense fans will love Brandilyn Collinís newest release >B>Stain of Guilt. It is guaranteed to keep the reader on the edge of their seat and the pages turning. Pick it up today for a spine-tingling read.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Laura.

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