by Lori Foster, Kristine Rolofson, Caroline Burnes

August 2004
ISBN: 0-373-83634-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

The Truth About Cats And Dogs brings together the talents of three Harlequin best-selling authors. Join them as they each bring you unique tales of finding love in unexpected places with the help of our four legged friends.

First up is Lori Foster with Tailspin. Buck Boswell is dog sitting his friendís Chihuahua, Butch. While staying with Buck, Butch gets a bad case of puppy love for Tish, the Chihuahua next door. Will Buck follow suit and fall for Sadie Hart, the prim and proper caretaker of Tish? Especially when Sadie accidentally causes Buck to be locked out of his apartment wearing only some very sexy underwear. The two end up spending a very interesting morning waiting for the super to let Buck back into his apartment.

Secondhand Sam by Kristine Rolofson introduces us to Sam Grogan as he is stood up on his wedding day. Sam soon discovers he isnít disappointed to be returning home a single man. During the trip home Sam decides to stop by Krispy Kreme for a few comfort food donuts. As Sam is walking to his SUV his beloved dog, Darcy, jumps from the vehicle and into the path of an oncoming van.

Jessica Hall, driver of the van, swerves at the last moment and spares Darcyís life. Unfortunately, causing her vanís death by means of a trash dumpster. How will Jessica get her three homeless dogs to their new homes? Looks like itís Sam to the rescue. After all, Jessica did sacrifice her van to save Darcyís life. It proves to be a very interesting road trip for one and all.

Caroline Burnes' contribution, Familiar Pursuit gives the reader another story featuring the incredible sleuth cat, Familiar. Mack Sanderís daughter, Miranda, turns up missing while searching for her cat. The new veterinarian, Penny Jameson, soon finds herself trying to help Mack find his missing daughter.

Familiar uncovers a pet stealing ring, helps keep the child safe, and plays matchmaker for Penny and Mack. A catís work is never done.

Fosterís Chihuahuas Butch and Tish almost steal the show from Buck and Sadie. What comes across as a very personal story for Ms. Foster is told with her usual warmth and humor. Readers will fall in love with this special story.

Rolofson's unique look at things through Darcy, the English Mastiff's eyes is priceless. Readers will thoroughly enjoy the heartwarming journey of Jessica, Sam and company.

Caroline Burnes' Familiar series has become reader favorites. Familiar Pursuit is a welcome addition to Familiarís extraordinary escapades.

Pick up a copy of The Truth About Cats And Dogs today and treat yourself to three heartwarming stories by this talented trio of authors. You will not only be indulging in your love of romance but you will be helping to fund three very worthy causes benefiting our four legged friends.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Barbara.